What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is such a powerful tool for businesses, especially during this digital age. It actually doesn’t make sense anymore if you’re not taking advantage of technology and the development in social media these past few years. To understand how important it is right now, let’s talk a little bit about what social media marketing is and how it affects the way businesses are being run nowadays.

Social media marketing by definition is a form of media marketing that makes use of various social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. These platforms are used to promote or market a business’ particular product or service. Businesses use these platforms to address the right people to attract such as potential clients, journalists, influencers or bloggers, and of course the general public. This method includes activities such as content creation and posting of images and videos. These kinds of activities drive engagement and response from different people.

So, if you’re asking the question, “how is social media marketing going to help my business?”

First and foremost, the key to becoming successful in any business is to adapt. A lot of entrepreneurs find that doing what is traditional and what people are used to is better than doing something new. Yes, there are instances that it works but nowadays, not adapting to current marketing trends may hurt your company. Now onto how it can help your business, social media marketing, with a brilliant plan, it will most definitely do wonders for your brand.

Here are some things that social media marketing can do for your business:
• Social media marketing increases website traffic
• Helps raise brand awareness
• Creates an identity for your brand
• Improves communication
• Enhances interaction with an audience

The key to a successful social media marketing is getting more engagement from your audience. The more engaging your content is, the more potential customers you will have.

What are the social media platforms that can help your brand? Here are a few:


Probably the biggest social media platform that is used worldwide, this can provide your brand the biggest marketing boost with the help of Facebook Business Page. One of the best things about Facebook is the number of users so your audience is not limited to just one.


Instagram is also another great platform for all entrepreneurs, especially for artists. Instagram lets you post photos and take advantage of the stories feature to post your products and services.


Twitter now lets you tweet over 140 characters so you can market your brand longer.


Being the biggest video sharing website in the world lets you post your products and services in a more creative way, specifically videos.

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